Heli AC Series 1-3.5T Explosion Proof (Electric)

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Heli H Series 1-3.5T Explosion Proof (Electric)

This is the latest design in the product line. We can also provide explosion-proof forklifts to be used in both gas and dusty environment including IIA IIB Zone 1 Zone2 & DIP A21 A22 TA and T1-T.

Features –

  • Explosion proof design
  • Load Capacities ranging from 1-3.5T
  • 2 or 3 stage various mast heights for custom needs.
  • Brand new machine
  • Tilt function available
  • Fork positioner available
  • Side-shift Function available
  • Overhead guard
  • Solid or pneumatic tyres
  • Battery Capacity up to 630AH
  • 12 Month Warranty



Brand new Heli H series 1-3.5T AC explosion proof forklift.  These are the latest generation in the explosion proof line. It has taken Heli 30 years of explosion-proof product research and development experience to have the most advanced explosion proof technology in the industry. This series meets European standard EN1755 and China’s national explosion-proof standard GB19854.

Specifications are as the table below. Options & other attachments are available.

Rated Capacity kg 1000 1500 1750 2000 2500 3000 3500
Load Center mm 500
Standard Lift Height mm 3000
Wheel base mm 1370 1370 1370 1515 1515 1720 1720
Fork size(length/width/thickness) mm 770/100/31 920/100/35 920/100/38 920/122/40 1070/122/40 1070/125/45 1070/150/50
Driving motor kw 7.5(AC) 7.5(AC) 7.5(AC) 10(AC) 10(AC) 11(AC) 11(AC)
Pump motor kw 8.2(AC) 8.2(AC) 8.2(AC) 12(AC) 12(AC) 13(AC) 13(AC)
Battery (voltage/capacity) V/Ah 48/440 48/440 48/440 48/630 48/630 72/600 72/600
Overall length(without forks) mm 2135 2138 2168 2306 2306 2563 2588
Overall width mm 1070 1070 1070 1160 1160 1235 1235
Overall height(overhead guard) mm 2160 2160 2160 2130 2130 2150 2150

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