Heli 1-6T Wheel loaders

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Heli 1-6T Wheel loader

Heli has brought forward the next generation of earth-moving loaders to the market, with sizes from 1T to 6T  available there is a machine to suit your needs, guaranteed. Heating and cooling is standard across the range as well as enclosed waterproof cab. No task is too big or too small for Heli!

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Heli 1-6T Wheel loader

Heli wheel loaders are the new standard in earth-moving construction machinery. They are designed around operator comfort in mind to keep long workdays efficient. They feature heating & cooling inside the cabs as standard plus front and rear defrosters to work in any conditions. They have also designed the machine to be easy to work on to minimize downtime in your fleet. Everything about these machines has been carefully though about to produce the new standard in earth-moving!

Specifications are as below

Heli 1-2T

Model unit HL920
Rated load kg 2000
Rated bucket capacity  m³ 1
Max. dump clearance mm 2800
Dump reach @ Full lift mm 885
Max. breakout force kn 60
Max. traction force kn 69
Gradeability ° 20
Wheelbase mm 2350

Heli 3-3.5T

Model unit ZL30G ZL35E
Rated load kg 3000 3500
Rated bucket capacity  m³ 1.7 2
Max. dump clearance mm 2940 2940
Dump reach @ Full lift mm 1056 1056
Max. breakout force kn 100 100
Max. traction force kn 88 88
Gradeability ° 30 30
Wheelbase mm 2900 2900

Heli 5-6T

Model unit HL953 HL956 ZL50G ZL958
Rated load kg 5000 5000 5000 5000
Rated bucket capacity  m³ 3 3 3 3
Max. dump clearance mm 3050 3128 3110 3128
Dump reach @ Full lift mm 1148 1116 1070 1116
Max. breakout force kn 160 176 176 176
Max. traction force kn 150 164 164 164
Gradeability ° 30 30 30 30
Wheelbase mm 2920 3350 3250 3250


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