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We specialise in forklift sale, forklift hire and forklift service in Brisbane and SE QLD :

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Forklift Repairs & Service Brisbane

North Coast Fork trucks offers the highest quality forklift service and repair services in Brisbane and most extensive product knowledge you could ask for. We have been exposed to an unbelievable amount of growth in a very short time, helping us become one of the leading forklift sales, forklift hire and forklift service businesses in the Brisbane and South East QLD.

As a family operated business, we pride ourselves on customer satisfaction and as a small company we fully understand our Brisbane client’s needs. Therefore, we guarantee the best service with the quickest response. This is our “one time call, one time fix attitude.” And to bring even better, progressive service to our customers we have forklift workshop facilities conveniently located near Brisbane.

Forklift Long Term & Short Term Hire Brisbane

At North Coast Fork trucks we are able to hire out forklifts from a long term contract though to daily hire in the Brisbane area. Just give us a call to discuss your requirements and will be able to tailor your needs.

4×4 Forklifts Hire Brisbane

At North Coast Fork trucks we have a large fleet of All Terrain Forklifts available for rental in and around Brisbane. We supply only the best on the market with unparalleled 4×4 capabilities. We supply this style of forklift machines to building sites, event management companies, through to, wet hire with driver on hourly rate.

Wet Hire (Driver Supplied)

This is most commonly called “Wet Hire” we at North Coast Fork Trucks can supply daily forklifts hire with with driver for a range of material handling in Brisbane. All styles of forklifts and attachments can be hired this way, we even supply machines and equipment for Container unpacks, this also includes, Pallet Jacks, IC Engine trucks to all terrain masted forklifts and telehandlers. Please give us a call and discussed your forklift requirements so we can tailor a price which suites your needs.

Tilt Tray Services.

North Coast Fork trucks now has 12 tonne Tilt tray. This will help our transportation of forklifts and equipment throughout Brisbane and the North Coast giving us a fast and economical means of transportation.

Used Forklifts For Sale

All used forklifts and equipment is sold to a standard that is not compromised. Basically, if we would not ”Sell It” ourselves we will not “Buy it”. All forklifts and machines that are traded are tested and repaired to AS2359.1 Forklift truck Australian standards, and meet AS1425 & AS4983 LPG Gas regulated Australian standards. We supply as traded, but meet regulated standard machines and forklifts though to Ground Up complete refurbished trucks. Please have a look through our Used Truck inventory to see if we have what your looking for. Please feel free to contact if what you are looking for is not listed as our stock of forklifts rotate rather fast. We may have it coming in.!!!!

Long Term & Short-Term  Forklift Hire Brisbane

Northcoast Forktrucks can provide a broad range of forklift hire and services in Brisbane to suit varying business and industrial needs. Let us know what you’re accustomed to, what your personal requirements are, and we will provide a solution that is ideally suited to your business. Our only objective is to ensure we can place the right product at the right time in order for us to match your business goals.

If you are looking for a one-off service, we have you covered with our short term forklift hire program. We can provide you with all the help you need for a job that is short in time and low in volume. Give us a call today to see if this type of arrangement is the one that is right for your business.

4×4 Forklift Hire in Brisbane

Northcoast Forktrucks is proud to provide its clients with a selection of top-of-the-line All Terrain Forklifts available for rental services anytime the need may arise for clients who require this specific forklift. Northcoast Forktrucks specializes in providing excellent customer service, a range of services to the highest standard, and tariff rates that will not impact the hiring costs of this piece of equipment too much. The versatility of the forklift machines is excellent, capable of seeing work requirements wherever they are.

In addition to the benefit of low-cost, short-term forklift hire options, we also offer an excellent range of flexible packages of forklifts for sale, so you can acquire the forklift or other equipment you need at a price you can afford.

Wet Hire (Driver Supplied)

Because of the company’s wealth of experience and dedication to customer satisfaction, Northcoast Forktrucks’ Wet Hire agreement is one of the best in Brisbane. Tailored to suit the client’s requirements, this agreement will provide a solution to all your short-term hiring needs. Allow us to take the difficult part of your hands by providing you with the machine and driver: all you have to do is hire it yourself. It’s very simple: Northcoast Forktrucks’ Wet Hire deal is suitable for a range of situations and will suit all types of circumstances. From container unpacks to pallet jacks, all-terrain masted forklifts to standard, the 4×4 forklifts and containers are available for short term rental.

Tilt Tray Services Brisbane

Northcoast Forktrucks is currently offering a 12-ton tilt tray, which will help the company move material and equipment around Brisbane to save money and time. The device will also help to lighten most loads faster than ever before. Give us a call today for more details on our services!

Used Forklifts Brisbane

All used equipment is sold to a standard that is not compromised, and we make sure that the forklift service is done before it is sold to the customer. Our team of mechanics make sure that all the gearboxes, brakes, hydraulic components, electrical equipment, and engine parts are outside of the forklift, so you can hire a second-hand forklift that you can be confident about. All used items are carefully monitored by our fully-certified professionals to ensure that they work as well as new, but while costing you less. We even go the extra mile to ensure that every used forklift meets the forklift truck Australian standards to its certified capacity, ensuring that your investment lasts.

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