All Brands Of New & Used Forklifts

Here at Northcoast Forktrucks we have access & stock all brands, makes & models of various forklifts, these range from 1.5T electric forklifts to 10T or greater Diesel units.

Any specific brand requirement or request, we can supply.

Common brands we supply are –

  • Heli
  • Toyota
  • Manitou
  • Crown
  • Linde
  • TCM

View the Heli Range HERE or click the image below

  • Yale
  • Nissan
  • Mitsubishi
  • Hyster
  • Clarke

We are a proud distributor for Heli Australia & are specialists in all Heli trucks. We can also offer very competitive pricing across all brands of new and used. Contact us now for a free quote or to further discuss your requirements. We can and will find the right unit to fit what you need.