HELI Lithium Pallet Jacks

Simple, Flexible & Lightweight by Design. Heli’s Pallet Jacks are Perfect for use in many different environments:
Unloading trucks on delivery routes, warehousing requirements, workplace deliveries… the possibilities are endless!

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Heli Pallet Jack 2.0

HELI Pallet Jacks Premium Features

Lithium ion Battery

The truck is equipped with 48V/20Ah (1.5 + 2 tons) portable lithium battery

Lift Capacity

1500kg and 2000 kg

Lithium Battery 2 hr Fast Charge

Emergency reverse device ensures safety.

Heli Lithium Battery Premium 1.5t or 2.0t Pallet Jacks 1


Integrated handle design integrating key switch and electric meter is simple.

Ready for use

All units are ready for delivery

Steering radius

The vehicle is simple and dexterous. It is suitable for ultra-narrow aisle operation.

Limited Stock - Fast 2-Hour Dispatch to any Location in Australia

Automatic Braking System

The automatic braking system provides additional security. When cutting the traction, the machine brakes automatically.

Electric Drive

Quality over quantity. Enjoy a vast array of carefully designed & unique elements with tons of control over fine tuning them.

Pallet jack safety

Lithium battery, drive wheel protection, steering structure design and circuit optimization ensure pallet jack safety.

Product & Features

  • 1500/2000kg Capacity
  • Electric Drive
  • Electric Lift
  • Manual lower (pull handle)
  • Lithium Ion battery for long life and fast charging time!
Heli Lithium Battery Premium 1.5t or 2.0t Pallet Jacks 2

Different Models – different choices

!LIMITED STOCK! Get yours while stocks last. Amazing value. Lithium ion battery, the latest technology. Huge Capacity!.

Semi-Electric Pallet Jack 


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1.5 Ton Electric Pallet Jack

Semi Electric

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2.0 Ton Electric Pallet Jack

Lithium ion battery, the latest technology.

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