Forklift Truck Long Term & Short Term Hire

At North Coast Fork trucks we able to hire forklift from a long term contract though to Daily hire. Just give us a call to discuss your requirements and will be able to taylor your needs.

4×4 Forklift Hire

At North Coast Fork trucks we have a large fleet of All Terrain Forklifts available for rental. We supply only the best on the market with unparalleled 4×4 capabilities. We supply this style of machine to Building sites, Event management companies, through to, wet hire with Driver on hourly rate.


Wet Hire (Driver Supplied)

This is most commonly called “Wet Hire” we at North Coast Fork trucks can supply daily forklift hire with with driver. All styles of machines and attachments can be hired this way, we even supply machines and equipment for Container unpacks, this also includes, Pallet Jacks, IC Engine trucks to all terrain masted forklifts and Telehandlers. Please give us a call and discussed your requirements so we can taylor a price which suites your needs.

Tilt Tray Services

North Coast Fork trucks Now has 12 tonne Tilt tray, This will help our transportation of equipment throughout the North Coast giving us a more speedy and more economical means of transportation.